Benefits Of Having a Photobooth At Your Event

Hiring a photographer can be one of the most costly parts of any event. This is why so many people are looking for alternative ways of capturing the special moments without having to pay an arm and a leg to hire a photographer. There are so many benefits to exploring the photo booth option of which include:


Photo Booths are a good source of entertainment


If you’re looking for something fun for your guests to do in between the event formalities, consider having a photo booth. It creates a fun space for people to gather and socialise and capture great memories. It is easy to download and set up using your IPad.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


By going the photo booth route, you can provide your guests with an instant keepsake as they will be able to take the strip of photos along with them at the end of the night. Another benefit of  a photo booth option is you also have fun pictures of your guests which you can take and convert into a scrapbook where you can get guests to write next to their pictures should you wish to.


Get A Tailored Theme For Your Event


Thanks to the Green Screen option with GetSnappic, you can create a customised theme for your event and have a tailored backdrop. This backdrop can be used for your still photos, your GIF’s and your screen animations. It provides the perfect opportunity to brand the strip of photos with some information about the event.


The GetSnappic Photo booth app is available for download off the Istore and can be the perfect solution for your customized event. Contact the experienced team at GetSnappic to receive your quote.

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